Contact Management Software

Contact management allows for managing all information about your contacts and marketing and sales leads in your database.


How helps to manage your contacts makes capturing contacts not only simple but extremely convenient and efficient.

  • Scan a business card
  • Bulk upload your contacts with excel
  • Sync your google contacts
  • Sync your phone book
  • Enter an individual contact record

It is easy to create contacts in your CRM with

All information about the contact is captured and tracked with the complete history of changes. You can build a powerful customer profile.

The system tracks all communication with the contact via email and phone, so you have a full view of the history of all interactions. You can decide upon your communication strategy forward.

Improve your sales productivity with’s efficient contact management system.

Make all contact information and communication logs available to sales reps that are assigned the lead so they can continue communication seamlessly despite changes in sales organization.

This makes for stellar customer experience as all the relevant context is now available to the new sales rep to re-engage with the customer.

Achieve continuity in customer engagement and ensure your business stays current with all contacts data, no matter the time or the sales rep accessing the contact information.

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