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Our customers love us for the thought we have put into helping with their work.
By assisting you with jobs to be done (#jtbd), turns a small step of getting organized into a huge step towards growing your business. Experience a seamless transition to a platform that adapts to your business processes, blends perfectly with your organization, and elevates your outcomes.


Smart and Light

A multitude of features that make contacts and lead capture a cinch, yet light weight with all your data secure in the cloud


Configure your business easily and flexibly. Adapt the system to your business and capture your processes.

Fast and Scalable

Hosted in the cloud, quick access at your fingertips, and scalable to your needs

Use with Ease

Experience the efficiency with an intuitive, uncluttered interface


Nearly two thirds (64.8%) of reps’ time on average is spent in non revenue -generating activities
Only 18 % of sales reps’ time is spent using their customer relationship management system
Only 28% of sales reps follow a structured time management system

We recognize and understand that all that the sales teams want to do is FOCUS ON SALES

Save Time

Immediately cut down more than 30% of time in your sales cycles that is otherwise spent on non-revenue generating activities

Focus on Sales

Focus on nurturing leads, communication and building relationships

Built-in Efficiencies

Capture leads with web forms and ML automatically to your CRM, scan business cards, sync contacts, capture summaries with speech to text and more…

Do more with less

Add more sales team without increasing the headcount

Robust and Active Pipeline

Stop chasing dead leads. Keep your pipeline healthy. Focus on nurturing active leads. Grow conversions. Grow revenue.

Real Time Stats

Experience what it is to stay on top of business status in real time

Go hands-free

With minimum oversight, easily cut down a huge amount of overheads of CRM updates. The system maintains data and updates realtime and frees up time to focus on sales and revenue.

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As Cameron Moll said, ‘Design is meant to be functional’.

Empower Sales by Enabling Sales

  • Give your teams optimum tools. Enable sales to stay on top of lead nurturing and see their action translate into enhanced performance.
  • Let the results speak.
  • Integrate email, eliminate multiple
    logins to disparate systems and let the team manage all their work from just one platform.

Collaborate with Efficiency Amplify Performance

  • With cloud based access, anytime, anywhere and real time
    updates for all, the entire team works as a unified sales engine.
  • Cuts down wasteful hours of status updates and coordination. Enhances productivity.
  • The leader has a pulse on the real time status of the business.
  • Sales is enabled, sales-ops has access to data and marketing can support seamlessly.

Save time, Multiply Gains

  • Experience efficiencies across the board. Increase your team, without adding headcount. Smash targets and outperform.
  • Whether it is CRM updates, logistics of in-person prospect meetings, or virtual meetings, inside sales or field sales, and support with or access to all artefacts, helps save time across the board and puts resources back on to a productive trajectory.
  • Needless to say, gains multiply.


While we know our clients are raving about this easy to use system with its clean interface and stellar efficiency building features for the sales team, let us also hear directly from them.


Since we have started using, all data is in one place and streamlined. Simply hassle-free lead capture, especially web forms integration could stop loss of precious leads that would at times be missed among other emails.

Prashant H.

Cofounder & Director, DocPulse

The amazing transformation with ezTask is the simplicity with which everyone is using the application. The result is that we have a single view on everything that is going on in the business.

Martijn van Engelen

CEO QPS Netherlands


Continue to build a perpetually stronger sales pipeline

See your business explode over time


Starter Package

Enquiry Management

Lead Management

Customizable Pipeline

Contacts Management

Products management

Communication & Activity Tracking

Email, Call & Telephony Integration

Calendar, Activity Management and Notifications

File Attachments to Email

Enable / Disable Call Logging

Repository Storage – 3GB

Reporting – 5 Reports


Essentials +

Identify Nearby Leads

Import and Export Leads

Tag a Lead

Lead Custom Fields

Customizable Pipelines – 3

Merge Duplicate Contacts

Scan a business card to capture contact

Product Custom Fields

Notes: Speech to text conversion

Admin Function

Leads, Contacts, Documents – visibility controls

Repository Storage – 5GB with privacy settings

Reporting – same


Professional +

Clone a Lead

Customizable Pipelines – 5

Email Filters for Enquiry / Lead Capture

Enquiry / Lead Capture from Webforms

Assign Contacts from one Sales Rep to Another

Attach Documents to Products

Manage Web Forms*

Track Email Opens

Email Templates

Calendar Sync (Outlook & Google)

Repository Storage – 15GB with privacy settings

Additional Reports – 5


Have Questions?
Check our FAQs

Your data is totally encrypted and secure in the cloud and no one except you and your authorised, named licensed users of the application have access to your data in the CRM database.

Yes. is made keeping practicality in mind so you can easily capture all your tasks and activities even post-facto and generate the required performance reports.

Yes. team will be happy to develop custom reports at a reasonable price, as long as data is already captured in the application.

Definitely! allows you to view your leads statistics by various parameters. For visual identification of leads that need closer monitoring and swift responses, in short the most lucrative or potentially valuable opportunities, leads can be appropriately tagged. For more information on tagging, you can refer to our help documentation.

Yes, you can. Infact, that is a key feature of However, at any point in time, you can login to web app and one mobile app only.

Every licensed user of subscription will potentially have access to the repository provided in the application. With permission groups, the admin can control access levels. For more details on using the repository, you can find more guidance in our help documentation.

The repository is a valued feature of It allows you to manage your quotes, sales orders, and document templates online. You can set up appropriate folders / folder structures and access levels for your sales teams and support or back-office teams. We also recommend referring to our blog article on ‘Repository Management’ for best practices for folder structures.

The subscriber will receive an email notifying them, when the resource utilization has reached 90% of the capacity, so you can proactively upgrade your plan. For any reason, if the capacity goes over the subscribed package limits, you will be able to write to to reinstate access after requesting the necessary upgrade.

Yes, helps set, manage, and report on sales targets.

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