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About Us

Our Why

We have learned and deeply understand, ‘nothing happens until somebody sells something.’

We recognize sales is the fuel that powers a business, serves its customers, keeps the economy humming and employees in jobs, and puts food on the table, for all the workforces. We want to be one of the best enablers of sales.

We also understand sales leaders want to genuinely help their sales reps adopt better, faster, and operate more efficiently, but often struggle to find the right provider.

Sales reps are frustrated because they want to have and use tools that are not additional effort. We get it.

We have walked in your shoes…

Walk in your shoes

We have been and are salespeople even today and we are solution providers for salespeople now.

We figured that there ought to be a better way to deliver solutions that are convenient, adaptable (read easily customizable) and genuinely valuable.

When we tried adopting systems in our business, key issues we encountered were a multitude of logins and disparate systems to use throughout our sales cycle, having to adapt our processes to third party systems or otherwise incur significant integration and / or customization costs.

At the same time authentic personalization that focuses on the distinction of nuances of past conversations and staying relevant with leads through the pipeline stages was a significant challenge.

Simply capturing leads was laborious and CRM updates were just as tedious, impacting CRM adoption.

We realised we were inefficient, tardy, and sluggish in our sales processes.

We were not only less effective in client engagement, but we were also losing opportunities as leads were lost in an inundation of email.

We realised there ought to be a better way to deliver sales enablement. The entire team including sales, marketing and back office should be able to collaborate and work as a unified business acquisition engine.

And thus started our journey.


Our Philosophy

We believe in a monomaniacal focus on one thing as the path to mastery and success. We focus on sales.


Our Mission is…

  • to make your life easy, so, as sales professionals you can focus on what you do best
  • to do the hard work so we keep things simple for our customers
  • to support you with a tool that empowers you to do your best


We want to help you do all that you need to, to elevate your life and your business; bring forth value, establish trust, be the trusted advisor your client is looking for and help them make their buying decisions.


Our Journey

Speaking about the origin of our initiative, the journey we’ve been through and where we are today, we can only recognise and verbalise what we have been living as our purpose, philosophy, and mission and have pursued with over the 10 person years of development.

It has been an arduous journey, from concept to fruition as we serve sales professionals today. Combining technology leadership and business leadership to transform a fledgling idea into a promising SaaS initiative, the ezTask.io team is ready to delight their customers and serve their identified market.


Adhering to our philosophy of total focus, we’ve remained dedicated to prioritising sales enablement to develop one of the most optimum solutions for individual sales reps and small and medium businesses alike.

The principle of helping salespeople with their jobs to be done (#jtbd) has been at the core of building a solution that instantly resonates with our customers.


Our Product

With ezTask.io, saving over 30% of non-revenue generating efforts in sales cycles is a given.

As a result, you add to your sales team without increasing the head count.

Beyond that, businesses are now achieving higher close rates with relevant and contextual communication with leads and prospects, a strong handle on all lead information and a relatively hands-free yet up-to-date CRM for the organization to nurture leads and maintain healthy active pipelines.

The ROI is simply beyond expectations.

All this has been possible with our approach of working with our ideal client segments when developing the product and it has led to ezTask.io becoming a great fit for our potential customers that now achieve beyond the outcomes they envisaged at the outset.


With a foundational framework of a sales pipeline, we have worked with early adopters and representative industry clients.

We studied what managing a sales pipeline meant for individual sales professionals such as financial advisors and insurance agents and what day to day challenges they faced. So, we could address their needs.

We recognized the complexity of OEMs acquiring business from a multitude of leads like system integrators, EPC contractors and end users. We now help them fill pipelines with repeat opportunities, thus booking a solid pipeline into the future.

As technology solution providers, we ourselves felt the need for several features to solve the challenges we faced with managing leads, nurturing them, and keeping exchanges relevant with the context of all the conversation history.

We continued to solve one problem at a time. With this iterative process we have built a system that is ready to not just strengthen individual sales professionals and teams through sales cycles but enable extended collaboration with their marketing and back-office teams.

Likewise, sales managers, sales leaders and business owners can now have a complete view into managing their sales teams, stay on top of real time status of business and pipelines and step in, to support and coach sales teams when necessary.

With sales, technology and execution excellence coming together, we could not but zero in on solving for sales enablement.

We are keen on leveraging technology to bridge the gap for salespeople and small and medium businesses.

Our purpose is singular, and our focus is unwavering on developing the most preferred platform that sales professionals can adopt without constraints of location, even geography and sales processes, or limitations of access.

We make this happen today by using patent-pending technologies and data driven insights to ensure that our system provides specific and actionable support to sales reps and helps them accelerate and scale business acquisition.

With more and more new clients onboarding with ezTask.io and equally awesome reviews coming in by the day, we are committed to helping sales professionals with the best-in-class solution to –

  • build authentic meaningful relationships
  • gain the trust of their prospects and clients
  • become enabled and empowered in their role and
  • soar high