Contact Management

What is Contact Management?

Manage Contacts Effortlessly

As a sales professional and business leader, you want easy access to all of your contacts, marketing and sales leads.

Capturing contacts is not only simple, but also highly convenient and efficient with

  • Scan a business card
  • Bulk upload contacts with excel 
  • Import google contacts
  • Import contacts from the phone book
  • Enter an individual contact record 

With you can add contacts to your CRM from both the web and mobile application.

The contact’s information is recorded and tracked, including the history of changes. You can build powerful customer profiles.

Communication with the contact is tracked via email and phone, so you have a complete history of all interactions.

Using all this valuable information, you can determine your communication strategy in the future.

Improve your sales productivity with’s efficient contact management system. 

To ensure seamless communication despite changes in sales organization, make all contact information and communication logs available to sales reps assigned the lead. With all the relevant context at hand, the new sales rep can re-engage with the customer and provide a stellar customer experience.

Stay current with contact data and ensure continuity of customer engagement, no matter when or where the sales representative accesses the information.