Customer Experience

Customer Experience and Sales

In sales engagements, maintaining the continuity of past conversations is paramount for taking customer experience to the next level. 

The value applies not just in businesses with big budgets or small; every company needs a system that allows them to rewind and review what has been said during an interaction so they can better understand their prospects’ backgrounds. A system that allows sales reps to rewind to the history of past exchanges and events to build awareness of the situational background of the prospect, makes their ongoing conversations more meaningful and relevant. 

As a result, high quality of customer experience drives high level of customer engagement, a direct enabler of successful sales outcomes and resultant higher lead to conversion ratio.

How does help extend exceptional customer experience from the outset?


It’s about time we recognize customer experience as integral to sales operations. logs and captures every interaction in the customer journey to ensure full awareness of the situational context and progress of your prospects through the sales pipeline. 

Accurate data and indicators enable sales teams to make better sales decisions, manage customers, and identify and respond to problems and opportunities more quickly. 

Using, sales organizations gain the right level of insight into the past and the present so they can transform the future of their sales engagements.

Simple and Easy Management

According to an earlier Merkle Inc. study, an estimated 63% of CRM projects in large organizations fail. 

CSO Insights report that only 40% of businesses claim a 90% CRM adoption rate, while the majority of businesses struggle to encourage system adoption. makes on-boarding, initiation, and adoption of the solution incredibly easy. 

It increases SDR productivity by eliminating repetitive administrative tasks and you can claim over 30% of your time to focus on core sales activities. 

What does that mean?

Focus on customers not only strengthens client relationships, but it also enhances sales reps’ satisfaction further making for outstanding client management. 

Up-to-date customer data of events, client communication back and forth and conversations automatically captured in the CRM empower the SDR.

Build relationships that last long with everything you need to stay organized in a single, powerful platform—at a price that fits your budget.

Always On, On the Go

Customers today are demanding and feel entitled. 

They need accurate and speedy responses from vendors. 

Designed for sales teams that are always on and on the go, this light weight and smart, sales automation solution, enables sales reps on the move. 

Whether in office or in a client meeting, sales reps can access sales collaterals and information, data and documents from right inside, on the web or via their mobile app. 

With a single-minded focus on empowering sales professionals and organizations, consolidates customer data in one place. 

It builds a lean and flexible sales automation solution on top of this customer data which includes leads capture, contact management, team management and administration, lead management, document management through the pipeline, communication, and real time reports to stay on top of your game.