Financial Advisor


Financial Advisor, Canada

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Industry: Financial Advisory – Retirement Planning & Group Benefits


What were you doing before getting started with

Before using, there were many different spreadsheets and lists to keep track of my leads. I would try and sort by areas of interest. A separate Excel document for each, one for group benefits renewal dates, another for personal life insurance sales and a third for investment management opportunities. Trying to keep all lists up to date was a challenging task due to diverse timelines. There used to be opportunities that required more lead time and they would be missed. Waiting too long to reach out to a prospect could mean starting over from the beginning. Many spreadsheets were left unused for quite a long time because of the focus on interested prospects and their potential for new business.


What value have you seen using thus far?

The value of has been the ability to aggregate lead lists from all sources, email & landing pages, into one central dashboard. From this dashboard, it is easy to create pipelines and input the stages of each sales process. This allows for a systematic approach and I have a template for why I am following up. Also, I include the next step as an activity, set a date and time, then I look to the central activity list as a to-do list for each day. It’s much easier to cross off tasks throughout your days than to complete a task that comes to mind and not know what to do next.


How did stand out vis-à-vis some other systems you have considered or used in the past?

ezTask stands out from comparable services because of the platforms easy to use dashboard and seamless integration with your email inbox. The team is always adding new features to help keep your sales process going.


Why would you recommend to fellow Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents?

I would recommend to other financial advisors and also real estate agents for prioritizing their leads follow-up process. I think the platform is extremely valuable for new or seasoned professionals because of the centralized dashboard that is very easy to update with your notes and staying within the platform to send the follow-up email. ezTask should be the centre of your leads follow-up process because I have found that I am able to increase my prospecting ratio through completing more daily tasks than before.