Martijn van Engelen

CEO, QPS International BV

Location: Netherlands

Industry: Telecom Supplier (Services, Consultancy, Installation)


What were you doing before getting started with

At QPS we were using an ordering system to capture customer data which only the back-office team had access to. The sales users were emailing the customer data and the order requirements to the back office. There was no system like a CRM in which we could capture all the customer data and define a sales cycle. The pipeline was captured with an excel sheet and shared with the management bi- weekly. 

What value have you seen using thus far? has helped us a lot with centralizing everything. We used to have all documents in different folders on the network which we could only access when logged in at the office or through the VPN. Now the entire team is using the system and we all have a single view on everything that is going on in the business. 

How did fare in your search for a system that would work for you?

We decided to look at what the market could offer but most of the systems were unable to just add on the missing pieces such as the Sales Pipeline which would give us an automated outlook of the business. 

Most of the systems included everything such that we would also need to replace our ordering and warehousing system which would have been an enormous project. In our search, we ran into and started our trial. We found the set up very easy and within a couple of days we already had a better insight into our leads and opportunities. 

The most important factor was the response of the Sales team that there were able to access all the relevant information (contact details, company info, opportunities) of their prospects through their phone and update these immediately. 

This was an enormous gain in time since we could eliminate several meetings to discuss and update statuses to senior management and the information was always fresh and up-to-date after any meeting or phone call.


Why should someone in your position act right now?

I would recommend the solution to any company that is dealing with small or large sales teams that want their people to focus on what they need to do rather that waste time on conference calls/ internal meetings, excel spreadsheet and administration after work.