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Sales in a Complex Supply Chain

Empower the Team, Build Sales

Empower your sales teams to manage long and complex project sales cycles with ease and elegance. 

Sales cycles of large projects are often long, encompassing several communication and information exchange cycles. 

Evolution of the scope, price configurations, governance, responsibility, and accountability arrangements together present a multi-faceted situation to sales conversion. 

These sales cycles can also present a higher level of complexity with the diversity of origin of the lead and ownership of the project itself. 


How does support project sales?


Identify and track your lead and project owner

  • Know your customer now and for the foreseeable future
  • You lead and the project owner for the long term could be different entities
  • Identify stakeholders, build relationships, and stay on top of every event, communication, and correspondence to seal the deal
  • Enable strategic planning for stakeholders so you are prepared for the engagement


Track all your pre-sales artefacts through the sales pipeline right inside

  • Manage and organise your marketing and sales collaterals in 
  • Store, track and use all pre-sales artefacts inside 
  • Flexibly access all documents on the go


Collaborate with your back-office team through sales cycles

  • makes collaboration with extended sales support teams easy
  • Stay connected with your teams
  • Make documents shareable and accessible throughout the sales process


Book your resale, renewal, or replacement pipeline for the future

  • Knowing the project owner / end user of your supplies enables you to start building that relationship for the long term
  • Timely engagement can strengthen the relationship and significantly enhance the probability of repeat sales
  • Your pipeline gets fuller and more robust with early identification of future opportunities
  • Avoid any potential loss of opportunity
  • Build your pipeline and secure a robust forecast
  • Be reminded of upcoming leads and never miss an opportunity