Ranjan Baisak

Rajan Baisak, is at the helm of ezTask.io’s technical leadership. The core of ezTask.io where all the tech magic is created, is built on sound technology foundations and served to the sales world to go win.

Yes, Ranjan is the architect of the ezTask.io solution. A seasoned technologist, Ranjan is the envy of any engineering initiative that is focused on building innovative, cutting edge technology solutions.

With a strong work ethic as a technology expert, having served in the corporate world, Ranjan was exploring entrepreneurship. Ranjan initially built and launched a solution for effective tasks management, the my-todo.in-app.

Subsequently, together with a team of technology, management and design veterans who share a passion for solving critical business issues of enterprises, the company conceived of and created ezTask.io, a sales automation platform that focuses on reducing non-productive tasks and efforts incurred by sales teams in capturing operations information in the CRM.

Proven to enhance the productivity of sales teams over 30%, this cloud-based sales automation and team collaboration platform, helps carry the business solution wherever and whenever sales teams want and need.

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