Sangeeta Patil

Authentic, creative, and focused, Sangeeta Patil is driven about growing businesses with an empathy for the teams and the customers she works with.

Sangeeta brings to this initiative her in-depth knowledge and background spanning diverse industries such as Engineering and Information Technology, helping clients solve problems and design innovative solutions while growing the business.

Having dealt with some of the frustrations of CRM systems in the past, the ever so tedious administrative after work that robs sales professionals of the time that could be utilised to focus on sales, Sangeeta realised that an emphasis on enabling sales teams was paramount.

Her extensive global experience handling multimillion-dollar initiatives, and knowledge of marketing and business development together contributed to shaping the product strategy and the GTM strategy for

Sangeeta started supporting in its initial days of finding its place and direction.

And, soon jumped both feet in, to identify the white space in the market and drive the initiative forward.

An exceptional aspect of Sangeeta’s contribution is her unwavering customer focus and application of the jobs to be done (#jtbd) framework.

So, do not be surprised if elegantly blends into your day-to-day jobs to be done and returns abundant time back to your calendar for a highly productive day growing revenue and building business.

Prepare to be amazed.

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