Speech to Text

Use Speech to Text Conversion

Capture Notes Handsfree

Do not miss a single summary of conversations, notes, or meeting minutes in your CRM.

Make your sales process ultra-efficient while saving time and achieving a high level of accuracy and consistency with capturing sales conversations. 


How do achieve that?

You need to transfer all your conversations and notes to your CRM for future reference – 

  • From important meetings you may have attended 
  • Several calls with prospects you may have conducted through a typical day
  • Even some with prospects that are remarkably close to conversion in your sales pipeline

Leverage the speech to text facility of ezTask.io. 

Make notes taking, meeting minutes or summary capture completely hands-free. 

Simply speak to your CRM in your app and ezTask.io will capture all your dictation as notes with a high level of accuracy. 

Why not simply try the feature? 

And be amazed with the level of efficiency that you can now bring to your sales operations

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