Web Forms

You now have automated lead capture covered for you so your sales teams can fast-track lead management and close more sales

Use free Web Forms from ezTask.io and capture lead information from your websites and landing pages straight into your CRM.

Web forms syphon the leads that land on your website or on your landing pages directly into your contacts and leads database. 

ezTask.io provides you customizable web forms that are code-free. 

Simply configure and deploy them to your existing website, webpages or landing pages and you are good to go. 

Do not ever miss a lead that otherwise would potentially land in your mailbox. 

And do not waste any more of your precious time filtering your email for such leads. 

Instead focus on sales and leave the heavy lifting of data entry to ezTask.io.  

Automate Lead Capture and take back your time

Use web forms. 

Do away with tedious data entry. Capture your most valuable data automatically. 

You can track multiple such web forms and receive error-free leads and prospects data in your CRM so salespeople can focus on selling.

Speed up Lead Responses

According to an HBR study, 50% of the leads go with the vendor that responds first. Calling within 5 minutes is 21X more effective than calling after 30 minutes. 

As soon as the lead submits contact information on your web page, they land into your CRM. 

With instant receipt of the lead in your CRM allocation of leads to the sales team can be sped up. 

Instant visibility of the lead to the sales team member can accelerate response and boost sales, saving tremendous time and efforts, reducing costs and above all increasing revenue. 

Create Multiple Webforms

With ezTask.io you can now have multiple webforms for different purposes. 

Newsletter or blog subscription, resource download or simply an enquiry on your website or any other. 

What’s more? With the lead source captured, you can decide on how to manage leads further, streamlining lead distribution, allocation, activity prioritisation and customization of the nurturing sequence. 

This elegant solution simply frees up your time and resources. 

It allows you to focus on core sales and selling activity rather than spending time on organising and managing data. 

Customise Nurturing

Based on the source of your lead, you can have different sales sequences. 

Each product and / or service can have a different sales pipeline. 

Your sales pipeline can be configured variably in ezTask.io depending on what product or service the lead has shown interest in.  

Allowing you to nurture leads differently avoids ruining the opportunity and makes the engagement meaningful and effective to progress the lead through the pipeline.