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Grow your business with the simplest CRM in town, that is driven by your sales process.

Improve customer engagement, drive leads to closure, and nurture existing customers with our simple and intelligent sales force automation software

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Manage Leads

Get 360° view of your clients

As they say, nothing happens unless someone sells something. And whatever you sell, you need people / leads to sell to. Manage this lifeline of sales almost hands free.

  • Bulk upload leads,
  • Capture leads automatically from web forms,
  • Scan business cards to create contacts and leads.
  • Filter and capture leads from your email with machine learning
  • Further customize your sales pipeline to manage leads most effectively
Connect Communicate Converse

Increase customer engagement with instant response

You don’t build a business; you build people. And then people build the business.

Nurture relationships with responsive communication to continue to build your business.

  • Manage client communication seamlessly,
  • Access from the app with our email integration,
  • Make and receive calls from mobile and desktop from within the CRM,
  • Never miss a call with our missed call alerts
  • Stay on top of nurturing your leads.
Anywhere Anytime Access

Drive the right deals to closure

Get the full experience on your iOS and Android devices and run your business from just about anywhere.

  • Zero in on tasks and appointments,
  • Stay up to date with your calendar,
  • Access all client info with statuses anywhere, anytime,
  • Never miss an appointment
  • Never miss follow-up, no matter where you are
Focus on Sales

Clearing all the clutter on your plate

We take care of clearing all the clutter on your plate, because we understand, all that sales professionals want to do is focus on sales.

  • With real-time status of leads, sales, and forecast, focus on where you need to
  • Stay on top of activity, communication, and documentation
  • Be supported with inbuilt GPS to plan visits, routes and much more
  • Get prompted of nearby leads with geo-fencing
  • Make every minute of your revenue- generation time count
Be enabled and empowered

Nurture relationships through

You are not alone in the field or in any meeting. Feel enabled and empowered; your entire pre-sales and back-office team is with you to support you.

  • Need to access marketing or sales collateral in a client meeting? You are covered.
  • Scan documents, take pictures and upload instantly to the CRM
  • Access design, estimates and proposals supported by pre-sales instantly
  • Easily manage documents tagged with stages in the sales pipeline

Because the best sales teams are always on the go

Other things being equal, with more revenue generating hours, wouldn’t you achieve more revenue?

  • Achieve a lot more with customer engagement and your focus on selling.
  • Save time on data entry with smart lead capture, lead identification, and management.
  • Save time with an up-to-date calendar and alerts.
  • Simply speak to your CRM to capture meeting notes and summaries with our cool speech to text conversion feature.
  • No more tedious data entry.

Save over 30% of your time otherwise spent on repetitive, non-productive work. Claim your hours, claim your revenue. Do less, achieve more.

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