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How helps to accurate GPS based attendance system

Digitization of sales has been a growing trend in recent years, with the pandemic accelerating it at a faster pace of adoption. While work timings aligning with your customer segment is quite the norm among sales professionals, working remote is now the new norm, post pandemic.

How do sales leaders continue to effectively administer and govern a remote team? How do sales reps continue to comply with the company’s governance norms while staying on top of their sales activities without getting constrained by administrative overheads? provides for remote attendance management, whereby sales reps can check in and check out their work times via their mobile apps.

Tracking times spent at a clients’ or tracking overall hours spent at work through the day, the remote attendance management makes administration and governance easy and efficient for sales leaders and sales professionals.

Remote attendance management

Users of apply remote attendance management in multiple ways – .

  • to track the team’s work hours,
  • to streamline approvals of any expenses or payments aligned with the work hours,
  • to track time spent in customer meetings

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