Lead Capture

Different ways to capture your lead from different sources using ezTask.io


Lead Capture simplified

Acquiring leads is the most crucial first step in sales. The sales process does not begin unless you have a lead. True to its purpose of saving time and efforts on non-revenue generating tasks for sales teams, ezTask.io automates lead capture in more ways than one. So, you can focus on sales.

Leads capture from web forms

ezTask.io provides free, customizable, code-free webforms.

Web forms are a utility that you can deploy on websites, landing pages, blog or newsletter subscriptions, webinar and other event registration pages.

Leads that signup on any of these pages, land directly into your CRM making lead capture completely hands-free.

Put your sales process on the fast-track mode with completely free and customizable web forms from ezTask.io.

Leads capture from email

Tools are meant to improve the sales process.

Not to replace your ability to perform your core and vital tasks and activities.

At ezTask, we pride on giving you back your precious time to focus on what you do best, sell.

There is no denying the fact that sales professionals receive leads from various sources. It is not entirely under their control to automatically direct them to the CRM; for e.g., real estate portals, aggregator sites, etc. Most such leads land in your mailbox.

ezTask.io’s leader filtering utility built on machine learning based algorithm scans your email and your text messages. It sifts and filters the leads for you to directly add to your enquiries in the CRM; all at the click of a button.

What’s more?

The utility can also be customized to your specific industry and customer segment. It can be configured for highly effectiveness from the outset while continuing to learn and build intelligence with subsequent runs.

Business Card Scanner

Making connections, building your contacts database, and capturing leads is one of the key goals of any networking event.

And most of us as sales and business professionals amass business cards of those we meet and connect with at such networking events.

What are the key challenges with storing and organizing business cards and contacts?

  • In the worst case, you tend to misplace / lose business cards
  • Do not find the right information at the right time
  • Keying in all contacts information in your contacts database is time consuming
  • A backlog of keying in information could lead to loss of contacts and leads

ezTask.io saves the day!

ezTask.io’s business card scanner built into the system allows you to quickly scan all your cards and land them as contacts into your CRM.

Saves you tremendous time and efforts of data entry. Ensures that all your contacts are conveniently available for converting to leads and nurturing. A huge enabler of lead capture for an effective sales process.

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