Nearby Leads

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Nearby Leads

Optimise your client visits, your travel time, your efforts.

Traffic on the road is a challenge.

As a sales professional, you want to maximise the outcome of each trip. We recognize that reaching distant areas and getting organized with identifying leads in the area can be time consuming.

Especially if leads are allocated to you and land in your sales pipeline while you are in transit. Or you may have planned your trip earlier and in the interim you have new leads allocated that are also in the same geographical area? offers help that is quite literally at your fingertips.

When you are out in the field connecting with prospects, serving them, and building relationships, the geofencing feature of helps you improve the logistics to support your trip.

When in a geographical area for pre-set appointments, the application also prompts you to look up other leads and opportunities in the CRM within a configurable radius, that you could serve.

You can also plan the most optimum route for your travel when visiting multiple leads using our inbuilt GPS feature.

This optimizes your time and efforts threefold –

  • You can do a quick search and it will show up all leads within a given range of distance from where you are. With Google maps integrated in the app you can identify such leads in the vicinity from your CRM at the click of a button.
  • You can make your trips efficient, with optimum route planning, save time and optimize efforts spent towards meeting prospects and clients.
  • You can strengthen relationships with your prospects by increasing the touch points without spending a lot of time specifically travelling out for each prospect.

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