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In business interactions, whether we like it or not and notwithstanding the plethora of social media platforms, instant chats and messaging, email still forms quite the backbone of communication.

According to experts, by 2022, the number of email messages exchanged is expected to grow to a whopping 330 B.

We recognize that in the sales function especially, staying on top of all your communication, past and ongoing is crucial and critical.

A CRM software that not only stores all your customer contact information but also provides easy access to receiving and sending email is therefore a huge enabler of efficiency for the sales representatives.

And that is precisely what has provided.

Seamless Integration

With you can seamlessly integrate your email with the CRM software. You can access all your business email from right inside of This saves you precious time, trying to switch applications between the CRM and the email client, both, to check and even send email along with attachments as required.

The email editor in allows you to compose email as you would with your email client. When inside ezTask and servicing leads, you can now compose and send email from the module itself. Even email sent from your mail client will still be visible in CRM as you simply access your mailbox from the app.

This is a far more secure way of managing email and all client mail communication

  • Storing your email, all in one place, which is still in your mailbox and
  • Accessing it from the app for client communication too all in one place via

Track email

Knowing when your prospect has opened your email is vital to contacting, following up and supporting further with their buying decision.

Get notified when your prospect has accessed your email.

With, you can now track when an email you sent to your prospect is opened. And that is a great way to follow up and nurture your lead when warm, furthering your sales process towards conversion.

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